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The Cambridgeshire Bird Club promotes the study, recording and conservation of birds in Cambridgeshire and encourages a wider interest in natural history and the protection of county wildlife habitats.

We record the County's birds in our Annual Report, so we need your records. We have a stunning Gallery, so we need your photos, and we have a video blog where you add your bird recordings. We do research, we have indoor and outdoor meetings, and we keep you informed with our regular print and online Bulletins. And have a look at our Facebook page.

You can see What's About? and we urge you to report interesting, sensitive or confidential sightings to the County Recorder.

We hope you enjoy your visit and come back soon.

Cambridgeshire Bird Reports

Almost all of the annual Cambridgeshire Bird Reports are now available and can be downloaded from the Reports page. The very first published Report (1927) has now been added. Reports 2001 to 2008 are being prepared for uploading.

Free stuff!

The BTO Library has now taken the bulk of our archived out of county Reports and we wish to thank them for doing so. Thanks also to Doug Radford of the RSPB who, while attending a meeting of Norfolk birders, was able to return many of their reports to those who needed to fill gaps in their book shelves.

Turtle Dove Survey

In an attempt to carry out an ‘audit’ of the county's remaining breeding Turtle Doves (and assess the feasibility of a more formal survey in 2017) we are trying to collate all county records of the species in 2016. Please visit the Research page for further details on the project and how to get involved.

Garden Bird Surveys

The Cambridgeshire Bird Club garden bird surveys have been carried out for two full years. I would like to extend a big thank you to all of you that have taken part in the surveys during that time. A large database has been built up and it records how birds make use of gardens in the county. I plan to write a full summary for the club once all the records are in.

Sadly there have been increasingly fewer people taking part in the surveys and after taking advice I have decided that it would be best to take a break. It has been suggested that it is run on a five year cycle. This would mean restarting the survey in October 2019. I hope that if you have taken part in these surveys you may like to take part in other surveys that take place in the county. They are advertised on the website or in the club newsletters.

The results of the Winter Garden Bird Survey 2014/15 are available in the Club's 2014 Annual Report.

Next indoor meetings:

Friday 14th October, Cottenham Village College

Twenty Places to Go Birding Before You Die by Keith Betton

He has bird watched in 98 countries (several times in many places), travelling over 2 million miles and seeing c7500 species of birds. In this talk he takes us to 20 of his favourite locations more...

Friday 11th November, St Johns Hall, Cambridge

Identifying Birds for 40 years by Paul Stancliffe

Paul Stancliffe, author of the latest Collins field guides - Common Birds of Britain and Ireland, and, Rare birds of Britain and Ireland - looks at how bird identification has changed during the last forty years more...

More information on 2016 Meetings...

Maps of meeting sites

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The Cambridgeshire Bird Club financial statement for 2014 can be found here

A copy of the Chairman's report for 2015 can be found here
A copy of the Chairman's report for 2014 can be found here


The Club Bulletin is distributed to members six times a year in February, April, June, August, October and December. It contains a summary of recent reports, topical short articles and items of Club news. If you wish to receive our bulletins then you need to join us.
The Bulletin can either be mailed in paper form to members, or sent as a PDF email attachment. In addition, a more immediate monthly e-Bulletin with more detailed information and additional illustrations and photographs is distributed monthly, exclusively by email.
Members who wish to receive e-Bulletins (and / or their Bulletins by email) should provide their email details to the Editors, Peter Bircham & Chris Brown , who are always pleased to receive articles, papers and illustrative artwork for publication. If you would like to send in your records for inclusion in the bulletin summaries then see here.
Back-issues of Bulletins and e-Bulletins are available here.

British Birds magazine- free monthly newsletter

Many members of the CBC will already be subscribers to British Birds or may have taken up trial offers available recently. Whether you subscribe or not, however, you may like to receive their free e-newsletter every month. This offers a flavour of what has been published recently and what is in the pipeline in areas such as book of the month, news and comment, the rarities section and further special offers.
This is a new initiative from one of Britain’s leading birding publication. It covers the UK and Western Palearctic and has been the birdwatchers’ journal of record since 1907. It is read and recommended by many well known amateur and professional ornithologists, writers and photographers with Simon King stating that “British Birds is the gold standard of ornithological literature in the UK”.
To receive the newsletters, just log on to and complete the sign up form at the bottom of the page. Give it a try!

Cambirds and Peterbirder

Cambirds is an unmoderated discussion group on Cambridgeshire birds and birding which is independent of the Cambridgeshire Bird Club. You do not need to be a member of the Club to participate in this forum, but you will need a Google account.

Peterbirder is a Yahoo-based discussion group for birdwatching, bird sightings and ornithology in Peterborough and the surrounding area. The group also welcomes discussion of all other wildlife in the Peterborough area. Peterbirder is not a part of Peterborough Bird Club.


Picture of the month for September
Whinchat, Fen Drayton Lakes RSPB
5th September 2016 ©Garth Peacock
Ben Phalan has made this month's selection.

"There are some great autumnal moments captured in September’s photos, including Colin Brown’s Jay off to stash its acorn, and an array of passage waders. Other photos that particularly caught my eye included James Hanlon’s lovely Grey Heron composition, Neil Bramwell’s Bearded Tit splayed between two reedmace stems, Ian Dawson’s crisp shot of a Common Scoter with its interesting double reflection, and Ian Harris’s Kingfisher. My pick for the month is Garth Peacock’s superb portrait of a Whinchat. Garth has captured an outstanding image of this declining species, its subtle tones of buff and brown matching the straw bale it’s perched on. We now know that not only are Whinchats often site-faithful in their breeding grounds in Europe, but many return to the same wintering territories in Africa as well, year after year. The mind boggles at the ability of these little birds to find their way with such precision across sea and desert from one "home" to another."

See all the pictures in the Gallery here

Previous Pictures of the Month can be seen here
Spotted Flycatchers

CBC photograph of the year, 2015:
Spotted Flycatchers ©Garth Peacock
The Club's congratulations go to Garth.

Long-eared Owl

CBC photograph of the year 2015, 1st runner-up:
Long-eared Owl ©Geoff Harries

Marsh Harriers

CBC photograph of the year 2015, 2nd runner-up:
Marsh Harriers ©Gary Thornton

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