Cambridgeshire Bird Club

Cambridgeshire Bird Club Photograph of the Year 2017 Competition

Please vote for the Cambridgeshire Bird Club Photograph of the Year 2017.

You find on this page a selection of 26 images from the CBC photo blog, taken in 2017, which includes Photos of the Month as well as other pictures, selected, except for the Photos of the month, by our photographic editor and the club's Chairman. Only photos by members of the Club have been chosen.

Please select your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice. You have a total of 10 votes available to split between whichever images you want to vote for - but you cannot vote for more than three images (votes for four or more images will be disregarded). You can allocate all your ten votes to one image or split them otherwise, for example 4 votes for image A and 3 votes each for images B and C, or any other combination.

Please e-mail your choice to the Chairman by MONDAY 5th March.
The winnner will be announced at the A.G.M. on 9th March

The winning picture and runner up will be announced at the Club’s AGM on 10th March and will appear on the CBC home page throughout 2018.
The images have been placed in alphabetical order.

The copyright of all images remains with the photographers and no image may be reproduced without their permission.
Click on an image to see a larger version.

Black-winged Stilt Picture A: Black-winged Stilt Common Tern Picture B: Common Tern Common Tern Picture C: Corn Bunting

Dunnock Picture D: Dunnock

Fieldfare Picture E: Fieldfare

Glaucous Gull Picture F: Glaucous Gull

Great Crested Grebe Picture G: Great Crested Grebe

Great Grey Shrike Picture H: Great Grey Shrike

Great white Egret Picture I: Great White Egret

Grey Partridge Picture J: Grey Partridge

Grey Wagtail Picture K: Grey Wagtail

Hawfinch Picture L: Hawfinch

Kingfisher Picture M: Kingfisher

Leach's Storm Petrel Picture N: Leach's Storm Petrel

Little Grebe Picture O: Little Grebe

Long-tailed Tit Picture P: Long-tailed Tit

Marsh Tit Picture Q: Marsh Tit

Mute Swan Picture R: Mute Swan

Red Kite Picture S: Red Kite

Red-footed Falcon Picture T: Red-footed Falcon

Redshank Picture U: Redshank

Short-eared Owl Picture V: Short-eared Owl

Sparrowhawk Picture W: Sparrowhawk

Spotted Flycatcher Picture X: Spotted Flycatcher

Starling Picture Y: Starling

Whooper Swan Picture Z: Whooper Swan


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