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Pictures of the Month for 2018


Picture of the month for January
Hawfinch, Wimpole Hall
27th January 2018 ©Neil Bramwell
Richard Patient has made this month's selection.

"My eyes cannot help being drawn to the unfamiliar, and Jonathan Heath's ghostly Iceland Gull is seasonally evocative, whilst Bob Jarman's unusual gull must have provided a scare to the observers! Indeed, without such fine photographic documentation it could also have scared a records committee. Similarly Steve Cooper's shot of a House Sparrow shows again that there is variation even amongst the everyday. Phil Smith provided a lovely Lapwing and his shot of a Great Crested Grebe (plus Zander) was also a strong contender. However another action shot gets my vote for photo of the month - Neil Bramwell's Hawfinch preparing for take-off. It gives a rare angle on those unusually shaped inner primaries and is a fitting winner during an unprecedented winter for this species locally."

Picture of the month for March
Goldeneye, Grafham Water
13th March 2018 ©Phil Smith
Richard Genochio has made this month's selection.

"My first step was to create a shortlist of over a dozen eye-catching images, all worthy of mention if space allowed! The winner, however, was Phil Smith’s Goldeneyes (13th March). An outstanding and beautiful portrayal. The timing necessary to catch this one extraordinary moment with the male in display was of the highest order. The runner up was Saimon's Peregrines; a highly idiosyncratic portrayal of a bird normally associated with craggy peaks. The comedy of the situation is beautifully conveyed – a medium sized falcon sits dumpily on a very large falcon, with the latter appearing to be in some pain from the former’s sharp talons which grip its forehead. Phil Smith's Great Crested Grebe (30th March) was also commendable, a brilliantly captured moment, requiring fast trigger-work, with the grebe powering towards the camera in a slightly intimidating fashion, like a Royal Navy frigate moving under full steam through a fairly heavy swell in mid-Atlantic."
Song Thrush

Picture of the month for February
Song Thrush, Grafham Water
8th February 2018 ©Phil Smith
Steve Cooper has made this month's selection.

"The popular S E Owls at Eldernell provided some nice images again this month and Jon Heath's fine Hawfinch stand out, but Phil Smith's Song Thrush at Grafham Water is my choice. A good portrait of a common species but one that also has added interest as the grey rump, mantle and cold plumage tones show that this is a 'continental' Song Thrush (sub species T.p.philomelos) as much a winter visitor here as Redwing and Fieldfare but very much overlooked."

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